What can David Stone do for me?

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Who is David Stone?  How can David Stone help me build my business?


David Stone was founded in March 2016 to meet the customer’s need for quality service. David Stone may be new to the scene, but I’ve been helping clients build their business with natural stone for almost 10 years. There are two main reasons I left my previous position as Sales Manager to start David Stone.

The first reason is my family.

I have two beautiful daughters (3 and 5) and a supportive wife. Taking control of my schedule allows me to spend more time caring for them. It also gives me greater flexibility to adjust my schedule to my family’s needs and to balance my family with my clients.

Right now, my daughters don’t understand why their father comes home dusty from the factories or takes calls in the middle of the night but I know they will enjoy my being around more often.

The second reason is is my existing and future clients.

I will be able to provide better service to my existing and new clients. I have learned a lot from my colleagues in the past and have great respect for their expertise in the stone industry. However, I would like to be personally responsible for the quality of each square meter of stone that I ship. By starting my own business I will be able to track the entire production and logistical process. This gives my clients a more streamlined sourcing experience.

Many thanks to my friends and colleagues who have supported me in this endeavor. I look forward to what the coming years hold and hope to build many new strong friendships and relationships with clients and friends alike.

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About the author: Paul Ma

Paul Ma has been importing and exporting natural stone and stone products since 2007. He currently leads David Stone in satisfying customer requirements.